Press Releases

Press Releases

21.12.2020 Sales

TMK to start pipe shipments to Hungary

TMK is starting its first pipe shipments to Hungary. A customer in Hungary will purchase 9.2 tonnes of small diameter stainless steel pipes manufactured by TMK’s subsidiary TMK-INOX. TMK will supply seamless cold-deformed small diameter pipe subjected to special non-oxidizing he...

11.11.2020 Sales

TMK to supply Rosatom with unique pipes for its pilot fast neutron reactor

TMK has developed unique pipes it will supply to Rosatom’s mechanical engineering division for its BREST-OD-300 experimental demonstration power unit. As part of a project to establish the closed nuclear fuel cycle, TMK will produce over 200 thousand meters of pipe to equip the s...

05.12.2019 Social responsibility

TMK-INOX celebrated the 10th anniversary

TMK-INOX, a part of TMK, held events dedicated to the 10th anniversary of its foundation. It was built up in 2009 on the basis of pipe-drawing shop No.3 of the Sinarsky pipe Plant (SinTZ).

08.10.2019 Quality

TMK-INOX recognized with the certificate of commendation of the ROSATOM state corporation

TMK-INOX, a part of TMK, was recognized for its effective cooperation and expertise in providing material and technical support to the enterprises of the machine-building division of ROSATOM State Corporation. The Certificate of Commendation was presented to Anton Veresnikov, Commercial Director of TMK-INOX, during the ATOMEX REGION-2019 forum, which took place between October 2 and 6 in St. Petersburg. TMK-INOX was awarded this for the first time.

07.08.2018 Modernization

TMK-INOX launches a new complex for lubricant removal from long-length tubes

The complex provides an optimal technological cycle for tubes up to 24 meters long degreasing after they pass through the stages of cold rolling and sink drawing. Lubricant removal is necessary to prevent it from burning on the tubes during the subsequent heat treatment and on the heating coils of the furnaces.

16.05.2017 Modernization

TMK-INOX expands the range of electric welded stainless tubes

Under the import substitution program, the range of welded stainless steel tubes made of austenitic steel grades has been expanded up to the 114 mm at TMK-INOX, a part of TMK. The products are intended for use under pressure and in environments requiring corrosion resistance of the material.

11.05.2017 Management

Vyacheslav Gagarinov appointed ceo of TMK-INOX – the manufacturer of stainless tubes

Vyacheslav Gagarinov, Managing Director of the Sinarsky Pipe Plant (SinTZ), part of TMK, has been appointed CEO of TMK-INOX, a specialized enterprise for the production of tubulars from stainless steel grades and alloys, operating on the basis of SinTZ.

30.07.2014 Finances

TMK announces an increase in prices for its products

TMK-INOX, a joint venture of TMK and RUSNANO, announces an increase in prices for welded corrosion resistant tubes as per DIN EN 10217, DIN 11850 and GOST 11068 from August 1, 2014 for new contracts.

21.04.2014 Modernization

Installation for quality control of long-length tubes put into operation at TMK-INOX

An installation for long-length tubes quality control by ultrasonic method UMK-25, including rotary inspection system and transport mechanization of tube feeding was put into operation at TMK-INOX (a joint project of RUSNANO and TMK) at the site in Kamensk-Uralsky.

13.03.2014 Management

TMK announces personnel changes at TMK-INOX

TMK announces the appointment of Alexander Borshchevsky, who previously worked at the enterprise as Deputy CEO of Economics and Finance, as the CEO of TMK-INOX LLC from March 12, 2014. Leonid Marchenko, who held the position of Director General of TMK-INOX, stepped down by mutual agreement of the parties.

15.01.2014 Modernization

Slitting line put into operation at TMK-INOX

A coil metal slitting line was put into operation at TMK-INOX (a joint project of RUSNANO and TMK) at the site in Kamensk-Uralsky, as part of the strategic program for reconstruction of the stainless tubes production. The equipment was supplied by the Swiss company SYTCO.

26.12.2013 Modernization

New furnace with a protective atmosphere based on ultra pure hydrogen put into operation at TMK-INOX

A through-type gas furnace SYTCO with ultra-pure hydrogen protective atmosphere was put into operation at TMK-INOX (a joint project of ROSNANO and TMK) at the site in Kamensk-Uralsky, as part of the strategic program for reconstruction of the stainless cold-worked tubes production.

15.03.2013 Sales

TMK launches production of super-chrome steel VIT

TMK, a leading global manufacturer of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, has shipped the first pilot batch of vacuum insulated tubing (VIT) made of 13CrS steel (super-chrome steel) for Gazprom’s Bovanenkovo oil and gas condensate field on the Yamal peninsula. The quantity is about 500 running meters.

27.09.2012 Modernization

TMK Commissions New Production Lines at TMK-INOX

TMK-INOX, a subsidiary of TMK, has commissioned a shop manufacturing stainless steel and alloy-based welded precision pipes.

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