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Press Releases


TMK-INOX launches a new complex for lubricant removal from long-length tubes

The complex provides an optimal technological cycle for tubes up to 24 meters long degreasing after they pass through the stages of cold rolling and sink drawing. Lubricant removal is necessary to prevent it from burning on the tubes during the subsequent heat treatment and on the heating coils of the furnaces.

The new complex is installed on the large pickling room site of TMK INOX, and it includes degreasing and hot water rinsing baths, cold water rinsing bath made of composite materials and a “Minerva” unit uses for degreasing solutions purification and ultrafiltration.

The launch of this line will contribute to the environmental friendliness of production at the plant. In addition, the use of “Minerva” unit allows saving consumption of water resources and degreasing solutions and thereby minimize the impact of production on the environment.

“The commissioning of this equipment became one of the stages of a comprehensive strategy for mastering the production of seamless stainless steel long-length tubes. As a result of the project implementation, we will be able to fully meet the needs of our customers for long-length tubes and at the same time meet the highest quality standards for their production,” said Vyacheslav Gagarinov, CEO of TMK-INOX.

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