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Press Releases


TMK-INOX expands the range of electric welded stainless tubes

Under the import substitution program, the range of welded stainless steel tubes made of austenitic steel grades has been expanded up to the 114 mm at TMK-INOX, a part of TMK. The products are intended for use under pressure and in environments requiring corrosion resistance of the material.

TMK-INOX is one of the largest manufacturers of stainless tubular products, which is not inferior in terms of performance to world analogues, on the domestic market.

“Mastering the production of a new type of tubes is an important step in expanding the range of products manufactured by TMK-INOX. By reference to the orders received, the company will continue to develop new tubes sizes. Expansion of the product line will allow TMK-INOX to increase the production of products in demand,” noted Vyacheslav Gagarinov, CEO of TMK-INOX and Managing Director of the Sinarsky Pipe Plant (SinTZ).

TMK-INOX is a specialized enterprise for the production of tubulars made of stainless steel grades and alloys, operating on the basis of one of the workshops of SinTZ. Seamless hot- and cold-worked, as well as welded tubes are produced in accordance with international standards DIN EN, ASTM, Russian standards and specifications. The main consumers of the products are enterprises of power engineering, nuclear industry, chemical and oil engineering, as well as defense and general engineering.

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