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ТМК Implements New Technology of Lubricant-Free Coating for Threaded Connections


TMK has implemented a new technology of lubricant-free coating for threaded connections – Green Well. Casing pipes with TMK PF premium connections and the innovative coating were used for assembling casing columns run into the wells at Rosneft's Vankorskoye field.

The Green Well lubricant-free technology offers considerable advantages over alternative solutions. It ensures pressure-tightness of the casing columns without using thread-sealing lubricants which reduces the sinking preparation time by eliminating thread cleaning. The latter is required before applying the lubricants. Reducing preparation time as a result of implementing the lubricant-free technology helps oil and gas producers cut overall production costs. In addition, the Green Well lubricant-free coating complies with all the environmental standards and guarantees safer operating conditions.

"Oil and gas companies have very special requirements to the quality of pipes used in challenging climate and geological conditions, and our New Product Development Programme meets all of them," says Sergei Bilan, TMK's Vice President for Premium Products and Services. "One of the most promising areas for us is creating new premium products with lubricant-free coating. Lubricant-free pipe columns are the technology of the future given the environmental friendliness and high performance of the new coating. The launch of these innovations opens up new opportunities for us in bidding for contracts of Rosneft and other Russian and international oil and gas majors."

ТМК Implements New Technology of Lubricant-Free Coating for Threaded Connections


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