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New heat-treatment facility launched at TMK-ARTROM, Romania


TMK, the world’s biggest producer of steel pipes, commissioned a new integrated heat treatment line for seamless pipes at TMK-ARTROM, Romania.

Covering over 12,000 sq m, the facility’s treatment capacity stands at 165,000 tonnes of pipes per annum. The facility includes the main line at Shop 1-ASSEL as well as a water treatment station and a power substation located in separate buildings.

The facility enables a full range of heat-treatment services, such as tempering and quenching, normalization, soft annealing and hot straightening. The uninterrupted transportation of treated pipes with minimal handling will allow a throughput of up to 120 tubular product units per hour. The high-tech equipment enables precise control of the heat treatment process and monitoring of individual pipe treatment parameters. As a result, the new facility will provide heat treatment for 60–273 mm pipes with 5–60 mm pipe walls, enabling more efficient and cost-effective production of popular premium products.

The heat treatment facility will also significantly reduce natural gas consumption and environmental impact, as well as reduce nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide emissions.

“TMK continues to develop its production facilities. The new pipe heat-treatment facility at TMK-ARTROM will extend the ranges of our premium products while simultaneously reducing production costs and improving product quality. The environmental benefits are also worth noting, as the facility will significantly reduce the environmental footprint. This is a unique fusion of innovation and green technology that will allow TMK to strengthen its position in the global market,” said Dmitry Pumpyanskiy, Chairman of TMK’s Board of Directors.

New heat-treatment facility launched at TMK-ARTROM, Romania


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