TMK-INOX follows the basic principles of both corporate and factory environmental policy in the organization of environmental activities, sharing corporate responsibility to society for the rational use of natural resources and the preservation of a favorable environment.

The main goal of the company in environmental protection is to provide the minimum possible negative impact of production on the environment. Compliance with legal requirements, as well as international, national and industry standards, ensuring priority for environmental safety.

The company has implemented an integrated Management System, which includes a quality management system, environment, labor protection and industrial safety.

The current Management System is certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 "environmental management Systems - Requirements and guidelines for use". In 2019, the plant successfully passed an inspection audit. The certifying body is the Russian Register certification Association.

All the necessary permits in the field of environmental protection are available, and instrumental monitoring of compliance with the established standards on sources of emissions of pollutants into the air is constantly carried out. Laboratories that perform measurements are accredited and equipped with modern equipment.

To reduce the impact on the environment the company has developed and approved environmental protection programs:

- "Environmental goals for 2020»;

- "Environmental action plan of TMK-INOX LLC for 2020".

Main results of environmental protection activities for 2019:

In order to comply with the Federal legislation of the Russian Federation, improve the efficiency of environmental protection activities, eliminate inconsistencies and reduce the negative impact on the environment in April 2019 the "environmental action Plan of TMK-INOX LLC for 2019 "was developed and approved.

In total, the plan includes 7 events, 2 of which are scheduled for 2020.

The measures approved for 2019 have been fully implemented.

The company's environmental protection goals for 2020.

15 environmental events are planned for 2020, including 6 technical, 5 organizational and 4 social.

Main task:

- Reducing the amount of oil-containing waste generation, preventing coolant leaks into industrial sewers;

- Reduction of water consumption for technological needs due to the installation of a local circulation system of desalinated water for cooling the SITCO furnace»;

- Reduce the quantity of waste transferred for disposal due to the transfer of waste slag and abrasive dust to the processing in specialized companies;

- Design and development of technical specifications for the reconstruction of the Vortex-10000 gas treatment plant from etching baths No. 17-18;

- Installation of the dust removal system in the grinding booths of the pipe welding mill No. 7.

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